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Founded by former Wall Street professionals, Vital Corporate Advisors is a U.S. based company that provides a range of corporate financial services to enterprises operating within the microfinance industry around the world. Our financial services include:

Our services cater to all types of clients ranging from spirited entrepreneurs looking to raise seed capital for their start-ups to mature businesses looking to divest, raise additional capital or restructure. We are a global services provider with a special focus on the Americas and Asia.


Our mission is to offer unparalleled financial advisory services to exceptional organizations that, through innovation and sustainable methodologies, make a profound difference in the world. Our main objective is to use our services to enable these businesses to strengthen themselves, expand their reach and increase their impact on society. We believe that economic sustainability and social innovations are the driving forces behind the development of our society and therefore our commitment is to assist our clients in achieving their goals.


Our professionals have extensive experience and complimentary skill sets aimed at providing a full range of services to microfinance institutions. We strive to exceed our client expectations by continuously providing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to improve their businesses. At Vital Corporate Advisors, we aim to cultivate a service culture that emphasizes customer needs, quality, integrity, innovation and social impact. We strive to build our successes by delivering maximum value to our clients and consequently to society as a whole.